During the MdS itself you will be travelling light, but you will still need a lockable travelling bag (or suitcase) for your personal belongings before and after the race.

Remember to bring clothes for the flight and for the precious hours when you won’t actually be competing. This includes your time relaxing in the Berber Palace after you have triumphed. The best news? There IS a pool. 

Please remember when you are in Ouarzazate after the race that Morocco is a Muslim country. If you would like to respect the culture this means – for women – no above the knee shorts/skirts or tops that show your shoulders (ie vests) or cleavage. For men, no vests and no tight shorts.

The usual allowance is 5 kgs hand baggage and 20 kgs hold baggage. Your luggage should be completely safe but (just in case) please wear your running shoes on the plane and pack your most essential kit in your hand luggage (rucksack).

The luggage containing your personal belongings will be given to the organisers on the second day during the administrative, technical and medical checks. It will be waiting for you when you return to your hotel. 

After the first night camping, you will be in a better position to evaluate your needs. Feel free to bring things that you can give away to the Berbers when the race proper starts. You will be aware of the daytime and night-time temperatures and will have advice from the “old hands” so you can make a last adjustment if necessary. Therefore, you will be able to reduce or increase the weight of your backpack before handing over your luggage.


Two excellent guides for kit are MDS Kit Review and  MDS Kit: What worked and what didn’t


Gaiters are essential in the sand. Their benefit far offsets their minimal weight.


You are responsible for your backpack and its contents. Do not leave it lying around as you will incur a lot of penalties. See rules ARTICLE. 7, 24, 27 and 28 for more.


This is compulsory, If you do not carry one you will be penalised. Even the most warm-blooded competitors need a sleeping bag for insulation against the cold nights, full recuperation and after using a lot of calories. Sleeping bags range from ordinary camping bags to high quality mountain bags. Choose what suits you best, bearing in mind weight, comfort and warmth.


Bring a heating stove with enough (but not too many) fuel tablets Otherwise you will be carrying extra weight and spares or eating cold food. Gas canisters are forbidden for security reasons.

Fuel can be ordered online from the MdS Boutique for a limited time prior to the race – we’ll let you know when it goes on sale. Orders will be collected at the first bivouac.

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