We cannot emphasise enough the importance of insurance for this event.

Repatriation (within Europe) is included in the entry fee, but the overall cost of the event is significant and if you have to cancel, we would prefer you to be covered.

There are a significant number of cancellations every year. Some of them are last minute – illness and injury are major causes.

We therefore require you take out suitable, event-specific insurance prior to payment of your 2nd instalment (due 1 September)

The required E.C.G and Medical Certificate (not more than 4 weeks before the event) can also identify potential problems which can prevent you running.

The following companies offer insurance for UK-based MdS competitors. Please research them carefully to ensure they offer you cover that is appropriate to you.

We do not endorse, recommend or have any financial incentives from these insuers, and that other insurers may be available.


The British Mountaineering Council

(will also cover Republic of Ireland)

*Please ensure that any policy meets your requirements. Check exclusions and excesses carefully.