Important Info

Adventure without mishaps

The Marathon des Sables is all about management.

For one week you must manage strength, food and water needs.

A PLANNED RACE IS A SUCCESSFUL ONE - especially in Southern Morocco at a time of year when the temperature can exceed 50 degrees C in the sun.


'To manage the race is to be ready for it,' Dr Edouard Obadia, a specialist in tropical medicine.

Due to the nature of the terrain covered throughout the race, the body is under strain and thanks to the experience acquired by the doctors (Doc Trotters) in previous years, we can advise you on how to avoid certain mistakes and how to prepare efficiently for this extraordinary expedition.

Bear in mind that throughout the race there is a full medical team for your safety and they will be in attendance at each check-point and at the night camp.

Do not hesitate to consult them.

Any minor health problem treated in good time will avoid something more serious developing later. 


Your equipment may quickly become a handicap!

When you have to be self-sufficient for all your food and water needs, everything you carry must be carefully weighed.

Check that your backpack fits your back and shoulders well, is evenly loaded and does not rub.


Before leaving for Morocco, check that:

- Your vaccinations are current. 

- See Health advice for travellers on the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website.

- TETANUS and POLIO are both still commonplace in the Moroccan Sahara.

- You must have a medical check-up done by a specialist in sports medicine to make sure that there is no condition preventing your participation in the race.

Race Dates

The MdS typically runs during the first two and a half weeks of April each year – dates of travel for the 2019 dates - tba