Compulsory Kit List

There are certain items you must have to compete in the MDS, including your food and survival equipment. All of these – and your personal belongings –  should weigh between 6.5 kgs and 15 kgs. This minimum/maximum weight does not include your daily water supply. These items will be inspected during the administrative and technical checks in Morocco.


You must provide your own food for the race itself. You must select the type of food best suited to your personal needs, health, weather, weight and backpack conditions. You must have 14,000 k/calories (2,000 k/calories per day minimum), otherwise you will be penalised. Any food not in its original packaging must be clearly labelled with nutritional details.

Gas stoves (and gas) are strictly forbidden – both by the airlines and by MdS itself.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Backpack MdS or equivalent
  • Sleeping bag 
  • Head torch and a complete set of spare batteries 
  • 10 safety pins 
  • Compass, with 1° or 2° precision 
  • Lighter 
  • 1 Whistle
  • Knife with metal blade 
  • Topical disinfectant 
  • Anti-venom pump 
  • 1 Signalling mirror 
  • 1 Aluminium survival sheet 
  • 1 Tube of sun cream 
  • 200 euros in cash
  • Passport or identity card
  • Original medical certificate provided by AOI, filled in and signed by the doctor
  • Original ECG and its tracing

Marathon Kit:

This is supplied by the organisers and is issued during the technical and administrative checks in Morocco. It will include: 

  • 1 Road book issued on the day of arrival 
  • Identification marks
  • 2 Race numbers bearing your competitor number, approx. 18 cm x 16 cm
    – one for upper part of the chest
    – one for the back (to be attached to your backpack)
  • 1 Check-in card
  • 3 ChronoTags
  • 1 Distress beacon SPOT
  • Salt 
  • Sachets for the toilets

A luminous stick will be issued at Checkpoint 3 of the non-stop stage (Day Four). The distress beacon must be returned at the finish line.