Books & DVDs


From Light to Dark

By Dave Heeley

Running the Highway to Hell

By Graeme Harvey

A slow plodder’s guide to the Marathon Des Sables

By Stephanie Cooke

Running from Shadows

By Mark Roe

Big Steps, Long Strides: A Complete Guide to Running the Marathon des Sables

By Nisha Harish

The Marathon Des Sables: Ultra Endurance Running in the Heat of the Sahara

By Mark Hines

Desert Marathon Training: ultra marathon tips for beginners

By Dr Phil Harley

Touching Distance

By James Cracknell

Ultramarathon Mom: From the Sahara to the Arctic

by Holly Zimmermann


Toughest Race on Earth with James Cracknell

The race organisers produce an Official film each year.

Competitors can download a free copy.

DVDs of previous events are available from the MdS Boutique. has an absolute wealth of information about everything to do with MdS from how to train for it to how to pack your bag, to stories from past competitors. Check it out, and become a member for all the latest updates.

You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group for your specific race – don’t miss out!