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Blog writing 2017 runners has an absolute wealth of information about everything to do with MdS from how to train for it to how to pack your bag, to stories from past competitors. Check it out, and become a member for all the latest updates.

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Kristian Delacour

Blog writing 2016 runners

Elinor Evans

Colin Harper

Daniel Reeves

Chris Vasper


Blog writing 2015 runners

Alistair Flowers

Mark Hunt

Jon Moore

James Kassapian


Blog-writing MdS 2014 Runners

Alice Morrison

Iain Aberdeen

Tom Arnold

Matt Buck

Lynn Calder

Ashley Charlwood

Steve Clews

Rory Coleman

Mathew Crowhurst

Neal Edmondson

Robert Grace

Toby Gregory

Colin Harper

Nisha Harish

Danny Kendall

Scott Kendall

Laura Maddison

Matthew Neal

Phil Oakley

Tom Parry

Al Pepper

James Piers

Alistair Archibald Stewart

Charlie Shepherd

Mick Wyldbore-Wood


Blog-writing MdS 2013 Runners

Paul Burrows

Jay Close

Rory Coleman

Daz Cox

Kenny Dalglish

Wayde Edwards

Michiel Hoefsmit


Keith Lamden and Mark John Greenfield

Simon Martin

Laura Nicholls

Genis Pieterse

Richard Pomeroy

Roddy Riddle

Jack Roper

Derek Stewart

Stephanie Allen


Blog-writing MdS 2012 Runners

Devinder Bains

Kate Lee