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I did it I ran the Marathon Des Sables

Alice Morrison, Adventurer

Final Countdown: What to do in the last few weeks of training

Andy Mouncey, Coach

How to lose fat ultra running

James Eacott, Ultra runner

A full race report

Charlie Shepherd, Mr Morocco

MDS Kit: What worked and what didn’t

Alice Morrison, Adventurer

Kit Review: MdS

MDS Hints and tips

Ian Corless, Runner, photographer, writer

Getting the most out of your backpack 

Elisabet Barnes, MdS Champion 2015

MDS: Thoughts from the course

Steve Diederich, Runner and Organiser Marathon Des Sables UK

A Real Running Hero

Duncan Slater,  MdS runner and double amputee

Ladies’ Champion  2015 and her thoughts on 2016

Elisabet Barnes, MdS Champion 2015

Running the Marathon Des Sables

Charlie Shepherd, “Mr Morocco”

How to survive an MdS blow up

Harvey Lewis, Badwater champion

Eat your way back to health: How to recover from MdS

Rin Cobb, Nutritionist

Get the most out of your long run

Ian Corless, Runner, photographer, writer

Yoga for runners: Hips and hamstrings

Alex Stein, Raha Yoga

Build leg strength

Cor de Jonge, Coach and track star

Top 10 desert ultras: Where does MdS rank?