28th Sultan MdS

AOI (Atlantide Organisation Internationale) the organisers of the Marathon des Sables, have confirmed that Sultan Teas will again be the title sponsor of the 28th Marathon des Sables.

Mint green tea has properties that increase physical potential, concentration, motivation and perseverance, making it the perfect partner for an extreme endurance sport like MARATHON DES SABLES.

In choosing to become the official Marathon des Sables sponsor, Sultan teas puts forward the image of a modern, people-focused Moroccan company.

MARATHON DES SABLES is not just a sports event, it’s a unique human adventure that takes place in a majestic landscape close to the heart of Sultan teas: the Sahara.


The remarkable virtues of tea

Recognized by scientists for its natural benefits, tea has been enjoyed since time immemorial. Containing powerful antioxidants like catechins, especially prevalent in green tea, tea also contains theine, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety and stimulate awareness when tired. The most widely consumed drink in the world today, after water; tea can lower cholesterol and encourage a slimmer figure as well as prevent some of the diseases linked to ageing.

The interwoven history of tea and Morocco

Since its introduction 300 years ago, tea drinking has gradually spread to become an integral part of Moroccan life. As a symbol of hospitality and a gauge of respect and welcome, the drink embodies an authentic lifestyle.

Tea not only refreshes and satisfies, it holds the secret to the southern women’s beauty, to the longevity of the nomadic Berber people, known as ‘les hommes bleus’ (the blue men) and provides a remedy for heatstroke.

Tea is such a staple feature of everyday Moroccan life that each inhabitant consumes one kilo per year.

Every year, Morocco exports 50,000 tonnes of green tea making it the largest exporter in the world. Already the national drink in 19 countries in West Africa, the Middle East has also adopted Moroccan green tea into its contemporary lifestyle. While over 3 million Moroccan immigrants have exported their distinctive consumer habits, like couscous and Sultan Moroccan tea into Europe.

The Raji family’s passion for tea

From father to son, the success of Sultan tea stems from 70 years of family-based skills in providing tea to the most discerning consumers. Thanks to constant innovations and improvements, Sultan teas are on the way to turning Moroccan mint tea into a success story on a par with Italian espresso.

Sultan teas to suit every taste

Initially, Sultan teas were marketed in leaf form. Sultan has now developed new ranges, like ‘Sultan Hospitalité,’ with its authentic blend of distinctive Moroccan flavours and ‘Sultan Bien-Être,’ which promotes calm and relaxation.

‘Sultan Hospitalité’ is a comprehensive, harmonious range that marries distinctive authentic flavours from Moroccan regions. It comprises five blends: Marrakech, Tiznit, Atlas, Talouine and Mogador.

The ‘Sultan Bien-Être’ range includes three products: Verbena, Relaxing Break, and Good Night, offering all the natural benefits of tea. Together they provide an initiation to the natural rituals of Moroccan wellbeing.